Understanding Coldset and Heatset Offset Printing

      Coldset and heatset both refer to a process used to dry ink after it has already been applied to the paper. 
      With both coldest and heatset offset printing the paper is run through the printing press in the same way.
      The difference comes when it is time for the ink to dry. 

 Ink Type

Printing type

Drying Method

Paper Type


Coldset ink

Web Offset Printing

Coldset offset printing is a process by which the ink dries gradually through evaporation and absorption into the paper. Most commonly used on uncoated paper like newspaper. Coldset is one of the more economical forms of printing that allows multiple webs to run concurrently, while using less expensive uncoated paper and energy to produce the product.

Heatset ink

Web Offset Printing

Heatset printing is the process by which ink is dried by running the printed paper through an oven immediately after ink is applied by the printing units. Coated (Glossy) paper such as the paper used in magazines and catalogs  Heatset printing has become more
popular recently because advertisers
are more often turning to supplemental inserts and direct mail campaigns that use glossier paper.