UV Primer & Water Based Primer

1. UV Primers.
Our UV primer (=Pre-treatment Liquid) can improve the adhesion problem on non-absorbent substrates such as glass & tile, metal, acrylic, and aluminium dramatically.

For example, if you use our UV Primer on the surface of metal, glass & tile, or acrylic  before doing the printing job by UV inkjet printer, you can expect strong adhesion of UV ink on the surface of spread UV Primer.

Our UV Primer can be used for all of UV inkjet printers for their printing job.

1) Products.
(1) UV Primer GT: for Glass & Tile.
(2) UV Primer M : for Metal.
(3) UV Primer A : for Acrylic.
(4) UV Primer AL: for Aluminium.

2) Packing & UV Primer Type.
(1) Cartridge type : for Automatic coating by printer head..
(2) Non-cartridge type (=Plastic container): for manual coating by person's hand with sponge or spray.

3) Video files.
(Please click following Hyperlinked text to download video files)
01. UV Primer for UV LED ink for Glass, Tile, Metal, and Acylic
 02. UV Primer for Metal.

4) Product Property.
- Color : Transparent liquid.
- Formulated for brushing on various rigid substrates.
- Excellent scratch resistance on a variety rigid substrates.
- One component primer.
- No need any additives.
- Packing : 1 liter size plastic bucket which is leakproof.
Drying time : 1 ~ 5 seconds by natural room temperature (15 ~ 25 ).

5) Applications.
- Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Glass, Metal, Tile as follows. 

After using UV Primer, the adhesion problem of UV ink related with non-absorbent substrates such as glass, metal, and tile is solved as above.

2. Water Based Primers.
Water based Primter is designed to solve the adhesion issue on non-absorbent nature of glass, metal, and tile.
This primer can be used before printing job by UV printers.

1). Products Type.
-  Type 1 : Gloss effect water based Primer.
-  Type 2 : Matt effect water based Primer.

2) Product Property.
    -  Required
Drying time After spraying  our water based primer.
30 min (15 ~25 ) under Natural room temperature.
10 min under 120 Celsius by Heat Drying system.
    ** Best result is expected by heat drying.
    - One component water-based primer.
    - No need additives.

3) Applications
- Glass, Metal, tile